Flow Hive is a Convenience Breakthrough for Beekeepers

Flow Hive supporters claim that harvesting a Flow Hive can be 20 - 40% easier. But are there hidden pitfalls? Is this a breakthrough that should be widely adopted or are the critics right and in what situations?

Flow Hives will increase the number of new beekeepers.
A Flow Hive is better for the bees than regular hives.
Flow Hives make it easier for people to keep bees.
Flow Hives save beekeepers money.
Better quality honey comes from Flow Hives.
Flow hives are more susceptible to mites than ordinary hives.
Flow hive honey will be of poor quality and will ferment.
Bees will not adapt well to Flow Hives.
Flow Hives will not work as promised.
Using a Queen Excluder to reduce brood in FlowHive will damage worker bee wings.
Flow Hive will cause honeybee epidemics to go unaddressed

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